Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giveaway: $100 value Easter baking Rice Krispies gift basket (CLOSED)

Despite the fact that I don't believe in or participate in organized religion, I do celebrate 4 day weekends that involve chocolate consumption. Easter! You are awesome.

I had already planned to make some cupcakes with the kids this weekend, using some toasted coconut to make nests on top, with Mini Eggs (if I leave any after opening the bag) as the bird offspring for some seasonal decor.

But thanks to Rice Krispies and Kellogg's, I plan to do even more baking this weekend. Yesterday a lovely gift basket arrived at my door and we're very exited to dig in! It contains:

A copy of Rice Krispies Chocolate Bunnies Recipe and some of the ingredients and tools necessary to make the recipe including:
A full size box of Rice Krispies Original Cereal
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
A bag of marshmallows
Williams Sonoma food colouring
Baking Pan
Cookie Cutters
President's Choice gourmet jelly beans for decorations

My youngest is an especially big fan of Rice Krispies cereal, and both of them are excited to see how the chocolate bunnies turn out. What a very generous basket! How would you like to win one to cook with your kids next week? Okay, it may arrive a little late for Easter but I know my kids would be happy to have it come anytime.

Here's how to enter:

1. Leave me a comment. Any favourite things to bake with your kids/small relations?
2. Leave the comment before 9pm EST on Thursday April 21 2011.
3. Be Canadian.
4. Have a valid email address I can use to contact you (leave it in a field/in the comment).

One entry per person, please! I'll use random.org to pick a winner soon after contest close. I will try to get the PR company to send the gift basket as soon as possible. Good luck. Thanks to Kellogg's for the giveaway opporunity.


Emma in Canada said...

1. I don't bake with my kids. In fact, I think I am the only person in the world who cannot make rice krispie aquares. They always turn out a mess. However, my kids are always begging me to bake. I am willing to try it on Kellogs' dollar.

2.It is only Tuesday, April 19th as I write this.

3. I am Canadian!

4. My totally valid email address is emmamcdonnell@shaw.ca

Glogirl said...

I enjoy baking cookies with kids. It can be very messy but in the end the kids enjoy eating the cookies that they helped make.


Alexandria said...

I'm no baking goddess, but I make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies with a recipe I tailored just for my rum-loving family. I'll give you some next time I see you.

moplans said...

my kids lOVE rice krispies!
pick me!
i also make a mean choc chip cookie w i recently improved w mini choc chips

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

We love to bake cookies and basically anything with chocolate!

Anonymous said...

The kids and I are always baking, usually cookies, or cake as it seems like we're always celebrating someone's birthday!


CocktailDeeva said...

Cupcakes...with tons os messy icing...and sprinkles...


Sarah said...

My 3yo loves it when we bake cookies or make pudding. I completely forgot about making rice krispie squares, we'll have to try that soon!

Cheryl said...

I love to bake chocolate chip cookies with kids. Cupcakes are another favourite. Kids just love sprinkles so I put them all over the icing on top of the cupcakes!


maureen (@moeturner) said...

Today we made S'mores pie. Yes! I said s'mores pie! but our favourite thing to make is rainbow cake or cupcakes.

Alex said...

We love making pancakes! They're a huge hit here and the kids love helping out.

alexpominville at gmail dot com

Elle said...

I'm all over this... and you know where I live :)

Kinga said...

My kids love to help with anything. We do an all out cookie baking weekend for Christmas though. 5 different types we are at it all day. It's an absolute blast and love the memories we build.

Anonymous said...

We love to bake together! My lils currently love to make Beet Bread, which is way better than it sounds, and gets them to eat their veggies.

kgraydonald at gmail dot com

Jodi said...

The Monkey and I are FANTASTIC bakers, if no one looks in the trash and sees the bakery boxes :D

Wife. Mommy. Cook. Crafter. Clueless. said...

I love making cookies or dinner with my little lady! thought she just watches or thoughts food at me while we're in the process!
our email is kimberlycatcher@gmail.com

Heather Nolan said...

We love to make Banana Muffins out of all of the partial bananas in our freezer :)

heather (dot) nolan (at) hotmail (dot) CA

Halifax, NS

Lindsay said...

I love to bake chocolate chip cookies with my kids, something I would do all the time if I didn't eat them all!

Cindy said...

I'm not a huge baker...but I do enjoy the results when I do bake. Next thing to teach DD age 9 is banana bread.

Katrina Brady said...

I always liked to do pastry with my kids. They got a great kick out of rolling it over and over

sweetpeg at gmail dot com

momtodc said...

I love making banana bread with my kids. It makes the house smell so good and is a great way to use up the bananas that are overripe.


Lizz said...

No kids of my own, but two big week-long babysitting gigs that could definitely use a baking distraction!


LindseyJay said...

We practically live on choc chip pancakes for breakfast. make a double batch on the weekend and then toaster them to reheat... oc course when I'm not that organized it's Eggo Waffles. (Would they eat them without the syrup? Doubt it)
It's fun letting a 3yo crack and egg. It's okay. I like crunchy bits. HAha.

lindseyjacobs@sympatico.ca for when I win!! :)