Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ddrops review & $25 gift card giveaway (Canada only) - CLOSED

I was recently sent some Kids Ddrops to review -- Vitamin D in liquid form, aimed at kids. Ddrops are a Canadian-owned vitamin company, and I was already familiar with their product, although we hadn't tried it before.

There's a lot of evidence that tells us we should all be supplementing with Vitamin D, particularly in the winter time. I try to take some myself when I remember.

I'm not exactly diligent about giving the kids vitamins (they sit in a cupboard and they take one when someone remembers) but sometimes we give them a soft chewable multi-vitamin that contains sugar. They think of it as candy. I'm totally fine with this - treats are ok around here. But if you aren't, one major appeal of Kids Ddrops is that all they contain is Vitamin D and a vegetable oil as a transport method for the D. The good thing about the oil is that you can see it if you add it to water, to make sure you actually got the drop in.

I guess that was my only concern with this product - sometimes I wasn't sure if I had actually got the drop in or not - milk was challenging. Although I wasn't that worried as I figured they could handle a double dose in the winter time. We all need it, right?

The kids enjoyed their Ddrops and liked to try to guess whether or not they would be able to taste it - they never did, in the end.

If you'd like more information, the Ddrops website is very comprehensive, covering their products and general Vitamin D information. You can also find them on facebook and twitter.

They've also been very generous to my readers - would you like to try some Ddrops? Ddrops is offering one of you a $25 gift certificate from either Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu or

Here's how to enter:
  1. Leave me a comment. Ideas to discuss: do you give your kids Vitamin D? How do they like to take their vitamins, if you do? Have you tried Ddrops, for your kids or yourself?
  2. Leave the comment before 9pm EST on Wednesday March 2 2011
  3. Be Canadian
  4. Have a valid email address I can use to contact you (leave it in a field/in the comment) entry per person, please! I'll use to pick a winner soon after contest close. Good luck. Thanks to Ddrops for the giveaway.

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of Kids Ddrops to review for this post and was not compensated in any other way. My views are my own.


Glogirl said...

I have never tried Ddrops. I take a multi-vitamin daily that contains Vitamin D so I get mine that way.


beth said...

We use DDrops..when I remember to,lol. My 2 yr old is pretty good about reminding me that it's time for her "Dora drops", if she had her way she'd get to have them several times a day! I find them super simple to use, especially with kids who can sometimes be wary of being forced to take large amounts of medicinal type stuff.
goodkarmacan at yahoo dot com

Valerie said...

I have been taking D drops all winter..seems to help with depression 7 my daughter just puts 1 drop on her breast before the baby breast feeds..I think they are great...

Anonymous said...

I started giving both my sons (3 and 1) vitamin D drops about a month ago. My husband and I take vitamin D so we figured they should too-especially with a long winter

crohnsmommy said...

We take Ddrops here! I get the adult husband and I take them every day, and we give a drop to our children (2 and 7 months) every other day. Since beginning to use them last year, we find that we get sick much less, and when we do it typically does not last very long or hang on! We put them in our cereal in the morning...the babies used to go on her soother.

brandy said...

We take multivitamins, and I give my little guy the vi-da-sol vitamin d drops. We have never tried Ddrops.

LOJSM said...

We all take multi-vitamins at our house. But have not tried d drops. It has been on my mind for a while to do so, but I keep forgetting. I am going to make a promise to myself to start this for my family.

Anonymous said...

We take multivitamins. Haven't tried the vit d but would love to!

Karina said...

Yes, we use D Drops here. Love that I can get it in him with minimal fuss.

motherbumper said...

I was much MUCH better at remembering when G was a baby (vitamin D every day) but now she reminds me when to take her vitamins (lazy mom FTW!) G loves her vitamins and based on how quickly this child's nails grow, I'd say they work quiet well.

moplans said...

I'm w you and MB - the kids kind of think the vitamins are treats
gimmie that card baby!